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Whether you are looking for a partner to develop a website, an online store, an innovative mobile application, or simply for advice, Digital District Services has the right team to answer all your questions.


With our SYMBYOZ solution, developed by our partner in Singapore, our team is able to deploy customized back-offices in a matter of hours.
Reducing costs by more than 80%, and reducing lead times from an average of 3 months to less than 48 hours.

Application & Mobile App.

Our Symbyoz technology is based on a set of SDKs and APIs designed to plug your back-office with a website, an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile application, as well as any type of connected object (IOT).

Ecommerce, Mcommerce

We have developed a complete solution for e-commerce and in-store shopping, including everything you would expect from an e-commerce site plus a set of innovative technologies:
Contactless payment
Smart QRCode
3D shooting (based on LIDAR technology).
Biometric authentication
Artificial intelligence.

Contact Less Technology

We have developed a set of contactless services in order to limit the risks related to contamination by touch, and to fluidify daily actions: Contactless payment
QRCode Authentication + Biometric

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